About Chekalefa

About Chekalefa Marketplace

Chekalefa Marketplace brings together small consumer businesses trading in various local brands with consumers looking for local brands. Chekalefa offers these local small businesses an opportunity to set up an online shop within the marketplace. These online shops allows the small businesses  to accept online orders and payments as well as take advantage of integrating back into their respective websites as well as social media sites to market. The marketplace also allows these small business to be part of an online cooperative network of businesses. This allows the network to negotiate better commercial terms with various big business partners.


The marketplace operates primarily as a membership-based system. Members need to register to become part of the cooperative and to participate in the marketplace. Members are able to join for free and enjoy the marketplace service for free for a period of a month. Should the member decide to become a full member they would then need to send their request to convert to full membership and pay their registration fee and monthly contribution as per the Lefa membership contribution scheme. The contribution scheme discusses in detail, the various membership options, benefits and features available to members.

The monthly membership contribution is paid into a prepaid account which is available in the “My Account” section of the online marketplace. An admin and marketing fee of 10% is then deducted from the member’s contribution and the net amount is available in the member’s prepaid account. This prepaid account can be used to purchase various products and services as are available on the marketplace. The reason for the monthly contribution is to ensure that members stay active and make a commitment towards supporting other members in the marketplace community. The secure payment options are available in the Secure Payment page under General Information of the site.