Who Is Lefa Cooperative

About Lefa Co-op

Lefa co-op is a social enterprise focused on capacitating communities to connect with various brands using digital platforms. Lefa co-op enables communities to empower themselves using these digital platforms in order to access existing and new economic opportunities. By capacitating communities to connect with brands and enabling them to empower themselves, Lefa co-op is able to mobilize these communities to cooperate for sustainable socio-economic change.

Vision and Mission

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Lefa co-op is a primary cooperative focused on empowering communities with digital services that enable smarter connecting, sharing, and most importantly trading in consumer products and services. Our mission can be summarized as Connecting Consumers, with Consumer brands through digital platforms in order to drive sustainable socio-economic Change in our Communities


Lefa is a Sotho word which translated means “legacy” or “inheritance”. The Lefa vision is one of eradicating the legacy of disempowerment that plagues many of our communities today, and creating a legacy or life-paradigm of self-determination and self-empowerment.

About Chenchi

Lefa Co-op partners with various local consumer brands in order to build mutually rewarding relationships. These brand partnerships help us to mobilize real and sustainable socio-economic change in our communities. Chenchi is a measure of the shared value that Lefa Co-op generates from connecting and cooperating with various brands through digital platforms. 

Shared Value Model

What is in it for members

Everytime you recharge your account as a Lefa Co-op member you accumulate units. Your units represent your share of the returns from the Lefa Co-op Chenchi Investment Fund. The returns are generated from funds invested using volume rebates and other income, such as performance bonuses, generated by Lefa Co-op through its corporate partnership with the various brand partners.